Reducing & recycling waste

We offer recycling information to Washington residents, oversee recycling programs for electronics and mercury-containing lights, and support programs to reduce or reuse food waste and other organic materials.

We also work with local governments and private businesses to support an effective, efficient recycling system in our state.

About 1-800-RECYCLE

Learn about our Washington Recycles at 1-800-RECYCLE hotline and online database.

Plastic bag ban

Washington's Plastic Bag Ban prohibits single-use plastic carryout bags in businesses.

Plastics study

We need to assess how big our plastics problem is.

Recicla Bien

Vacío. Limpiar. Seco. Recuerde reciclar bien para asegurarse de que su reciclaje no se desperdicie.

Recycle Right

Empty. Clean. Dry. Remember to recycle right to be sure your recycling doesn't go to waste.

Electronics (E-Cycle)

E-Cycle is a free program making it easy for Washington residents to recycle unused electronics.

Enacting legislation

Solid Waste Management is working to establish plans and programs created by the state legislature in 2019.

Organic materials

We are working to use organic materials to improve soil, produce energy, and reduce waste.

China's recycling ban

New recycling restrictions in China are prompting a reassessment of Washington’s recycling system.

Paint stewardship

Washington has a new product stewardship program for paint.

Recycling Development Center

The new Recycling Development Center is tasked with bolstering Washington's recycling markets.

Mercury lights

Information about the LightRecycle program and regulatory guidance for businesses.

Environmentally preferable purchasing

Washington laws require states agencies to increase environmentally preferred purchasing.

Event recycling

Learn the requirements to set up a successful recycling program for your event or facility.

Residential commingled recycling

We assist local governments to improve residential commingled recycling.

Solar panels

Information and guidance for the photovoltaic (PV) module stewardship and takeback program.