Event recycling

Washington state requires businesses to provide recycling services at official gathering and sports facilities in communities where recycling services are available. Find out the requirements for a successful recycling program at your event or facility.

Setting up a successful event recycling program

Event coordinators

  1. Put recycling collection in your beverage vendor contract. Make sure your contract includes:
    • Your recycling plan.
    • Number of recycling bins needed.
    • Who is responsible for emptying the recycling bins.
    • How often and where the recycling bins will be emptied.

  2. Set performance goals for recycling and track the results including:
    • Number of event visitors.
    • Total amount of recyclables and garbage collected.
    • Number of beverage vendors.
    • Number of recycling and trash bins.

Contact your local solid waste department for commercial curbside recycling availability in your community.

Recycling program tips

  1. Always place recycling bins beside trash containers.
  2. Place recycling stations in highly visible and convenient locations (i.e. concession areas, restrooms, entrances and exits).
  3. Clearly mark recycling bins.
  4. Use recycling bins that are visually different from other waste bins (i.e. use clear plastic bags for recycling and black plastic bags for garbage).
  5. Choose bins with lids or openings that emphasize beverage container recycling.
  6. Staff recycling stations at all times or check bins periodically.
  7. Measure the amount of material recycled, amount of trash collected, and the number of event attendees. Promote success.

Requirements of the law

Under RCW 70.93.093, beverage vendors are responsible for providing and funding recycling programs at official gatherings and sports facilities. Recycling programs must provide:

  • Clearly marked recycling receptacles or reverse vending machines.
  • Collection of aluminum, glass, or plastic bottles or cans that contained the beverages sold by the vendor.
  • Transportation and recycling services.