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Washington Coastal Zone Management Program & policies

The federal Coastal Zone Management Act gives states the primary role in managing their coastal zone. In 1976, Washington was the first state to receive federal approval of a Coastal Zone Management Program by preparing a document describing coastal resources and how they are managed.

Program updates

States such as Washington that have Coastal Zone Management Programs must submit updates to their enforceable policies to NOAA. These program changes include minor, non-substantial changes or significant changes to a program's structure, management, or rules. Most changes to Washington’s Coastal Zone Management Program have been minor, non-substantial updates.
We've submitted changes to our Coastal Zone Management Program to NOAA since 1986 and continue to make changes as laws and regulations are amended. 

As we submit program changes, we issue public notices and provide information to interested parties. Current submittals pending approval by NOAA:

       2018 Ocean Resource Management Act Notice of Program Change

Program framework

While the federal Coastal Zone Management Act includes basic requirements for state partners, the law gives states the flexibility they need to design programs that best address local challenges. To develop  Washington's Coastal Zone Management Program, we relied on our existing regulatory framework to address coastal zone issues rather than draft new, all-encompassing state legislation.

While Washington does not have a stand-alone law for coastal zone management, the state relies on its network of state laws and regulations including: Since the state has a federally-approved Coastal Zone Management Program, we are eligible for federal grants to augment the state’s management activities to preserve, protect, develop, and where possible, restore or enhance these resources now and for future generations.
An approved Coastal Zone Management Program also gives Washington a strong voice in federal agency decision making for activities that could affect the state’s coastal resources and uses. This state review, known as federal consistency, helps ensure proposed projects are consistent with the state’s Coastal Zone Management Program.
Coastal zone management federal consistency review Policies used for federal consistency review