Coastal Zone Management Program evaluation

NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management conducts periodic performance evaluations of Washington's Coastal Zone Management Program. This federal evaluation assesses:

  • The operation and management of our program.
  • How Washington is addressing national coastal zone management objectives.
  • How we are implementing and enforcing the state coastal management program.
  • How well the state is adhering to the terms and conditions of its financial assistance award.

Upcoming program evaluation

The Washington CZM Program is currently working with NOAA's Office for Coastal Management to hold the next performance evaluation for Washington's program. This evaluation and visit from NOAA staff will include a public meeting. Additional details, including meeting date, time, and location will be forthcoming.

As it becomes available, information will be available on NOAA's program evaluation webpage.

Program evaluation process

The evaluation process requires almost a year of preparation and planning. The Coastal Zone Management Program works with NOAA to complete a number of steps highlighting our program's success as well as improvement opportunities, including:

  • NOAA review of performance period grant documentation.
  • Coastal Zone Management Program self-assessment.
  • Collection of information from partners and stakeholders.
  • Interviews and meetings during a three-day site visit.
  • A public meeting.

The process concludes with formal findings used to guide program improvements for the next five years. During this process stage, we will work with NOAA to shape recommended and necessary Coastal Zone Management Program actions. We also develop a work plan describing how Washington and our federal partner will work collaboratively to address these mutual objectives. 

We completed our last Coastal Zone Management Program evaluation in 2017. Please visit NOAA's Office for Coastal Management website for the final evaluation findings.