Watershed plan implementation and flow achievement grants

This grant funding requires flow achievement through:

  • Increased flows below the project site.
  • Improving instream and riparian zone conditions, such as enhancing fish passage or habitat.
  • Reorganizing or concentrating existing points of diversion.
  • Establishing water banks, water exchanges, or pursuing trust water opportunities.
  • Improving public water supply or irrigation district infrastructure that leads to water savings.
  • Purchasing and installing meters, stream gages, or groundwater monitoring equipment when water savings or efficiencies can be expected short or long term.

Funding cycle

  • Amount of funding available: Applications have been received and processed for this funding cycle.
  • Grant award limit: No set limits
  • Amount of matching funds required: No match is required, but applications that include other funding sources will receive additional consideration.

Applications are not being accepted at this time.

Funding is available for the following entities:

  • Watershed planning groups
  • Local government partners
  • Tribal nations
  • Non-profit and other political subdivisions of the state that are within a state of Washington Watershed Resource Inventory Area
  • Infrastructure or water management
  • Surface or groundwater storage feasibility
  • Water acquisition or water bank/exchange
  • Water measuring device

More information about this funding program

No additional information at this time.