Around the Sound: Rayonier Mill cleanup on schedule

In January 2014, we announced a revision in our estimated timeline for the Rayonier Mill Study Area cleanup plan.

Rayonier Mill from the sky, water in foreground, old mill site in middle ground with docks, green landscape in background with rolling hills
The update extended the deadline for Rayonier’s draft Interim Action Alternatives Section to June 30, 2014.

The Rayonier Mill cleanup is on schedule. We received the draft Interim Action Alternatives Section by the June 30 deadline and are reviewing it. The draft section describes a range of cleanup options that Rayonier will study in the Interim Action Alternatives Evaluation Report (Volume III).

Rayonier submitted the section to us now, as a preview, to make sure the cleanup options that will be fully proposed in the evaluation report are headed in the right direction. The public will have the chance to review the proposed cleanup options next year in the Interim Action Alternatives Evaluation Report (see below).

What's next?

The Rayonier Mill agreed order (legal agreement) does not set calendar due dates because all of the tasks build on earlier tasks. We will likely hold a public comment period on the upland data report (Volume I), marine data report (Volume II), and Alternatives Evaluation Report (Volume III) in spring 2015.

More information about the Rayonier Mill cleanup