Lab accreditation services

We accredit local and national environmental laboratories that provide data in Washington. Our lists of accredited environmental laboratories are available to the public. 

Holding laboratories to standards

Nearly 500 environmental laboratories maintain accreditation with the Laboratory Accreditation Unit, or LAU, part of our Environmental Assessment Program. Accreditation assures analyses are properly conducted according to prescribed methods.

LAU chemists assist labs in achieving quality results. From the smallest accredited laboratories in wastewater or drinking water facilities to large international firms that analyze samples for research projects in Washington, the LAU makes certain that environmental labs can perform the tests they claim to, that they follow appropriate protocols, and that they have a quality management system in place.

In Washington, most governmental agencies and many environmental grant providers require that scientific samples are analyzed by an accredited laboratory for data to be considered credible. Washington relies on the competence of environmental laboratories to deliver the results on which important decisions are made.

Hire a laboratory

The LAU offers guidance on choosing a laboratory and maintains several ways to make it easier to find an environmental or drinking water laboratory that is accredited for the analyses you need. See the links below to locate a lab in your area:

Cannabis laboratory accreditation rulemaking

Our agency is currently developing a new rule, WAC 173-055 – Accreditation of Cannabis Laboratories.