E-Cycle WA information for processors

To be a direct processor for the E-Cycle Washington program, you need to register with us. You also need to be aware of the requirements associated with being a processor. This includes a contract with a recycling plan, registering annually, meeting performance standards, complying with annual audits, and updating registration information within 14 days of any changes.

Information about direct processors, their environmental audit reports, and contracts associated with the Washington Materials Management and Financing Authority can been viewed by clicking on the links below.

E-Cycle WA processors

A "processor" is an entity engaged in disassembling, dismantling, or shredding electronic products to recover materials contained in the electronic products and preparing those materials for reclaiming or reuse in new products.

A "direct processor" is a processor contracted with a recycling plan to provide processing services to meet the requirements in Chapter 173-900 WAC. We have prepared guidance for direct processors, "Environmentally Sound Management and Performance Standards for Direct Processors."

Direct processors are required to:

Processor registration

Who can register?

Only "direct processors" of covered electronic products under the Electronic Product Recycling Program will be allowed to register with Ecology. Direct processors are contracted with a covered electronic product recycling plan to provide processing services for the plan.

How to register

To register as a direct processor, fill out and sign the form, then submit it to us. The signed registration form may be submitted in hard copy or electronically.

Compliance audit reports for direct processors of covered electronics

All direct processors of covered electronic products are required to conduct an annual audit to verify compliance with the performance standards for direct processors, see WAC 173-900-650. Direct processors seeking our approval of a compliance auditor may submit the auditor's statement of qualifications, resumé, or other information to Christine Haun.