E-Cycle WA information for transporters

Under the E-Cycle Washington program, transporters are entities that transport covered electronic products from collection sites to processors for recycling. To receive compensation, you are required to register with us, meet performance standards, and be listed as "in compliance" on the transporter registration list.

Am I a transporter?

A transporter is an entity that transports covered electronic products from collection sites or services to processors or other locations for the purpose of recycling through a recycling plan. “Transporter” does not include any entity or person that hauls his or her own unwanted electronic products.

What do transporters need to do?

Transporters must register with us in order to be eligible to receive compensation from a covered electronic product recycling plan for transporting covered electronic products (televisions, computers, laptops, and monitors). To be approved to transport covered electronic products for a plan, a transporter must:

  1. Register annually with us and keep the registration up to date.
  2. Meet the performance standards defined in WAC 173-900-550.
  3. Be listed as “in compliance” on the transporter registration list.

WUTC Common Carrier Permit

In order to complete your registration with us, you will need to obtain a Common Carrier number from the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC).

Performance standards

When transporting covered electronic products for a plan, registered transporters must meet the following set of performance standards for their operation and handling of electronic products:

  • Transporters must comply with all applicable environmental and transportation laws, rules, and local ordinances.
  • Transporters must allow access to Ecology for inspections to determine compliance with these standards.

Transporters of other recyclable materials

Entities who transport other types of recyclable materials must register with us under the Solid Waste Management Reduction and Recycling law (Chapter 70A.205 RCW). This law is separate from the Electronic Product Recycling law. It defines a transporter of recyclable materials as “anyone who is paid to transport recyclable material from commercial or industrial sources over the public highways of this state, and who is required to have a common carrier’s permit from the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission to operate.”

A transporter who transports covered electronic products for a recycling plan and also transports other recyclable materials can meet registration requirements for both laws by using the same registration form. Register as a transporter of recyclable materials.