Safer alternatives to toxic chemicals

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Using toxic chemicals in products and manufacturing processes can put workers and your business's reputation at risk. Switching to safer alternatives can reduce:

  • Risk to your staff, customers, and the environment.
  • Your hazardous waste disposal costs.

We provide resources to help your business find safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals through:

  • Training and events.
  • Tools and databases.
  • Free, non-regulatory, hands-on assistance from our staff.

Assessing chemicals and their alternatives

How much do you know about the hazards of the chemicals you use? How do you know whether potential alternatives are really any safer? Databases and other tools can help you identify and compare chemical hazards and evaluate alternatives. If you need assistance assessing chemicals or finding replacements, we can help.

Focus on safer solvents

This 4-part video series walks you through the hazards of solvents and ways to find safer alternatives. Videos en español

  1. Getting to Know Toxic Solvents
  2. Hazards of Toxic Solvents
  3. Find Safer Alternatives
  4. Avoid Regrettable Substitutions

Learn more about how to manage solvents

Training and events

We work with other organizations to offer webinars, in-person training, and other opportunities to build the skills you need to explore safer chemicals.

On-demand webinars and videos

Virtual and in-person class training

Safer choice product label. Click the link to go to the EPA's Safer Choice program webpage
EPA's Safer Choice program

Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Safer Choice program offers consumers and businesses an easy way to find products that use safer chemicals. It also helps manufacturers certify their products under the Safer Choice label, and find safer ingredients: 

Free, non-regulatory technical assistance

Our chemists, engineers, and other specialists provide pollution prevention technical assistance to help you assess the chemicals your company uses and look for safer alternatives. Our help is non-regulatory and free.

Contact our Safer Chemicals team for help.

Pollution prevention grants

To support businesses that want to purchase and sample safer alternatives and equipment, we may be able to provide funding. Learn more about pollution prevention grants.

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