Pollution prevention services for businesses

Businesses in Washington can take advantage of our services to help them apply pollution prevention (P2) best practices, such as the following:

  • Reduce waste and pollution.
  • Reduce costs and save money in the long run.
  • Improve practices and efficiency.
  • Switch to safer products.
  • Increase knowledge of the dangerous waste regulations.

Our teams are available to help dangerous waste generators based on their generator category—small quantity generators (SQGs), medium quantity generators (MQGs), and large quantity generators (LQGs). 

Pollution prevention services and resources

Pollution prevention technical assistance for MQGs and LQGs

Contact our Pollution Prevention Technical Assistance Team if you are a medium or large quantity generator looking for technical support to:

  • Develop and implement pollution prevention solutions.
  • Work on Pollution Prevention (P2) plans.
  • Develop any other waste reduction solutions.
  • Discuss or learn more about the Dangerous Waste Regulations.

Our assistance is non-enforcement.

Pollution Prevention Assistance (PPA) for SQGs

Our Pollution Prevention Assistance (PPA) program partners with local city and county organizations to provide pollution prevention assistance to small quantity generators (SQGs) through local specialists.

PPA and our local partners help SQGs:

  • Develop and implement pollution prevention solutions.
  • Discuss or learn more about the Dangerous Waste Regulations.
  • Learn more about the unique benefits of being a small quantity generator (SQG).

PPA services are free, hands-on, technical assistance visits and non-enforcement.

Switch to safer, less toxic chemicals

We are dedicated to reducing and eliminating toxic chemicals in the environment. We offer trainings and other resources to help businesses make the switch and learn about the benefits of safer alternatives.

Why reduce or prevent dangerous waste?

Creating, managing, and disposing of dangerous waste costs your business money. The less waste you generate, the less you have to manage and pay to dispose of.

Preventing waste may also help your business:

  • Increase worker safety and satisfaction.
  • Reduce complex regulatory overhead.
  • Avoid waste spills and costly cleanups.
  • Reduce cost of waste treatment and disposal.
  • Decrease liability now and in the future.

Last, but not least, your business can stand out from the competition by offering less toxic products. Consumers are increasingly looking for products and services that use fewer toxic chemicals and have little impact on the environment.