Safer product certification subsidy program

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Now accepting applications!

Fill out an application to apply for the program if you are a U.S.-based manufacturer that sells products in Washington and you want to get your product(s) certified.

NOTE: Please wait until we notify you of acceptance into the program before you start the certification process. We cannot reimburse for any work that occurs prior to acceptance.

Manufacturers in the U.S. that sell certain products in Washington can apply to receive reimbursement for the cost of getting their product(s) certified. 

Manufacturers that sell products in the following categories could qualify:

  • Cleaning products.
  • Personal care and beauty products.
  • Formulated products in the building sector.
  • Aftermarket stain- and water-resistant treatments.
  • Thermal receipts.
  • Durable water repellents.

Are you a small cosmetics manufacturer?
We encourage cosmetic manufacturers that employ 50 people or less and wish to certify their products to apply for our cosmetics certification subsidy program instead. Manufacturers may qualify for one program only. Contact us if you have questions or need further information.

​​​​​Who is eligible to participate?

Any U.S.-based manufacturer that sells products in Washington is eligible to apply. However, we will prioritize the following:

  • Small manufacturing companies.
    Use the Small Business Administration's table of size standards to determine business size.
  • Women-owned manufacturing companies.
  • Minority-owned manufacturing companies.
  • Washington-based manufacturing companies.
  • Products either marketed to or more frequently used by communities facing disproportionate impacts from environmental harms.

What’s the purpose of the program?

This program provides technical and financial support to U.S.-based manufacturers that sell products in Washington who wish to have their products reviewed by a third party for certification through an approved material health certification.

The certification process often includes:

  • Working with suppliers to identify all the chemicals in your product.
  • Screening for chemicals of concern and possibly reformulating with safer ingredients.
  • Assessing the material health of your product and evaluating if it meets the certification criteria

This process can be expensive and require technical expertise that your business may not have. This program can help reduce those barriers.

How much can manufacturers be reimbursed for?

Smaller manufacturing companies

The maximum total potential reimbursement for small manufacturing companies is $30,000. Small manufacturing companies can receive reimbursement up to:

  • 75% of the cost for the first $10,000 spent.
  • 50% of the cost for $10,000 to $50,000 spent.
  • Reformulation costs up to $2,500, if needed.

Larger manufacturing companies

The maximum total potential reimbursement for larger manufacturing companies is $15,000. Larger manufacturing companies can receive reimbursement up to:

  • 50% of the cost for the first $10,000 spent.
  • 25% of the cost for $10,000 to $50,000 spent.

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