Rules for used oil processors & re-refiners

If you are a used oil processor or re-refiner, there are rules and requirements you need to follow. Learn about permits, site identification numbers, and find other resources to help you properly handle your oil.

Processing used oil includes, but is not limited to, blending, filtration, distillation, chemical or physical separation, and re-refining.

Do I need a permit?

A dangerous waste permit is required for storage longer than 90 days.

A dangerous waste permit is not required to be a used oil processor, if you:

  • Store used oil on site for less than 90 days before entering an active recycling process.
  • Follow other best management practices and regulations for processors.

Get a site identification number

If you are processing used oil, you must notify us by submitting a notification of dangerous waste activities for a RCRA Site Identification number. You must also make prior arrangements with local authorities for the potential need of their services (police and fire departments, emergency response teams, etc.).

As a used oil processor, you are a conditionally regulated recycler. You may be subject to additional reporting regarding the durability of structures and equipment used to store used oil.