Regulatory guidance for oil industry

Our requirements for prevention and preparedness result in rapid and aggressive responses to oil and hazardous material spills, minimizing environmental damages and threats to public health and safety. Reporting, planning, and prevention requirements vary among oil-handling industries and are identified below. Each requirement listed links to more detailed information.

State requirements for facilities, railroads, and pipelines

Laws & rules

Facility owners and operators should be aware that they are also subject to federal requirements that vary from state requirements. State prevention and preparedness requirements for facilities are established in the following rules:

The three rules classify facilities in different ways. Contact us if you're unsure of your classification.

List of requirements Definitions

State requirements for primary response contractors (PRCs)

We approve primary response contractors to allow them to be cited in industry oil plans. Our PRC webpage lists PRCs currently approved by the state, and details for those interested in applying to become a PRC.

State requirements for vessels

We have requirements and recommendations for vessels in Washington waters.