Find groundwater publications

Our groundwater-related reports for the state can be found by typing in a search name in a text-based application or by using a map-based search application.

Learn what option works best for you by perusing the options found on this page.

Searching our groundwater report collections

There are two main methods for finding groundwater-related reports collected by the state: text-based searches and map-based searches.

For text-based searches, the groundwater publications category in Ecology's publications index includes a broad range of agency-issued publications that are in some way connected to groundwater. Further, the agency's publications by topic page has further subcategories of groundwater publications.

Alternatively, the Environmental Information System (EIM) groundwater data search has a map-based search tool for technical publications called the EIM map search report finder. See instructions for this tool below.

About the EIM map search report finder

The report finder tool in the EIM Groundwater Map Search can be used to search through our collection of groundwater technical reports. This collection does not include reports related to groundwater policy or regulation. Instead, there are 15 major technical themes. Some reports may fit into more than one category.


Aquifer storage and recovery

Aquifer testing

Aquifer vulnerability

Groundwater models

Groundwater-surface water interaction

Hydrologic systems


Seawater intrusion




Water levels

Water quality

Water resources and supply

Using the map search

To use the Environmental Information System EIM Groundwater Map Search's report finder, zoom to your area of interest using the map zoom tools. Once your map area is selected, click on the report finder tool icon, found near the right-hand end of the main map search toolbar. Look for gray box with a booklet and the words "Report Finder," like the illustration. Depending on the size of your screen, you may need to expand the toolbar to find the report finder icon by clicking an arrow on the right

Follow the instructions in the pop-up box: select report themes, and select a search radius. Once you've set your search criteria, click on the map, and a table with the publications that meet your criteria will show up at the bottom of the screen.

Search results include publications of interest and related materials, such as additional data or associated well logs.