River and stream flow monitoring

We maintain a network of stream-gaging stations that report streamflow conditions in rivers and streams across the state. The information is used to monitor flow conditions for recreational activities, water supplies for migrating fish, and to develop strategies to respond to climate change. All of the data we collect are available to view and download.

How are rivers and streams doing right now?

Check out our Statewide Stream Summary Map through the link or below to see near real-time summaries of streamflow conditions around the state. Color-coded dots indicate if today's flows are above or below normal for this time of year. Scroll through the legend on the map to learn more. Clear the legend away by clicking on the X in its corner.

Description: Statewide Streamflow Summary Map provides more details about the map.

Click X to remove the legend, if it's in your way.

Find river and stream data

Click to go to Flow Monitoring Network.

To view or download data, click the map icon.

The Flow Monitoring Network application shows current streamflows at active monitoring stations. Also view historic flows at stations where monitoring has been discontinued due to project duration or budget reductions.

Using streamflow data offers a step-by-step explanation on how to find a stream station and read data to understand how much water is in your river or stream.

Learn about streamflow monitoring methods

Flow monitoring methods for rivers & streams describes how our hydrologists measure how much water is flowing through Washington rivers and streams.