Yard Program updates

We continue to sample and identify properties (yards) that qualify for state-funded soil replacement though the Yard Program. Since 2013, we have found 1,201 yards eligible for soil replacement within the program service area. So far we've replaced soil in 333 of those yards.

333 completed, 23 underway, 44 being planned, 677 left. 1201 qualified, 124 opted out

2023 construction

If you have concerns about our contractors or any Yard Program construction work, let us know by calling our project line at 360-407-7688 (press 2 to reach the Tacoma Smelter Plume)

We're replacing soil at 25 homes as part of Yard Program Group 15 construction. 

Group 15

In October 2023, we began soil replacement work for a group of 25 properties and one childcare. Group 15 continues our efforts to address smelter contamination inside the EPA Study Area.

The work area for the Group 15 residential properties is between Lexington Street and Pearl Street, from N 48th Street to N 49th Street, in Tacoma.

We're replacing soil at 23 homes in Yard Program Group 14.

Group 14

In March 2023, soil replacement began for a group of 23 residential properties in North Tacoma. We are also helping with soil safety actions at two childcares as part of this work. Group 14 continues our efforts to address contamination in neighborhoods outside of the EPA Study Area.

Group 14 construction is taking place in two general work areas in Tacoma: 

  1. West of Vassault Avenue between N 35th Street and N 45th Street
  2. Between N Shirley Street and N Ferdinand Street from N 35th Street to N 37th Street.

Planning Continues

Planning for cleanup begins over a year before construction starts. For the 2024 construction year, we are planning on replacing soil at about 50 properties in north Tacoma both inside and outside the EPA Study Area. Our soil replacement planning follows a sequence which prioritizes cleanup assistance for neighborhoods with the highest contamination and environmental health risks. You can learn more about our efforts by visiting our Soil Replacement page

Soil sampling and soil replacement paperwork

Ecology’s Dirt Alert map puts information and data in one place. Where available, the map visually displays soil sampling data. It also provides useful links to Ecology and the Health Department’s websites and contact information.

If you would like to find out if your yard already has soil sampling or soil replacement information, enter your address in the address search. Click on "More information" in the pop-up box in the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen to find property-specific soil sampling and soil replacement information.    

Healthy Actions

Healthy Actions are for everyone. They're simple practices you can do to reduce your and your family’s exposure to contaminated soil.

Sign up for free soil sampling

See our Soil Sampling webpage for more information. 


If you have questions, please call the Tacoma Smelter Plume line at 360-407-7688, press 2 for the Tacoma Smelter Plume. Staff will return your call within one business day.