Stewardship at Padilla Bay

At the Padilla Bay Reserve, we actively care for the watershed we call home. We monitor and control invasive species like European green crab and Spartina cordgrass. We track long-term changes in important habitats, such as salt marshes and eelgrass meadows. We model responsible stewardship by promoting careful stormwater management, planting and maintaining native vegetation, and offering educational programs to community residents.

Stewardship at Padilla Bay

Stewardship involves aspects of Padilla Bay's research, monitoring, education, policy, and resource management. All our staff participate on some level.

The Padilla Bay watershed includes agriculture, industry, rural residential areas, and recreational opportunities. The population is growing, which brings more development and associated pressures on the natural environment.

The role of stewardship at Padilla Bay

As caretakers of Padilla Bay, we monitor its health and protect it from invasive species. We also educate the community so we can work together to be responsible stewards of the watershed. We monitor change in the watershed and in the reserve. We also educate people living in the watershed and near the resource so they can help us care for the resource by:

  • Protecting water quality.
  • Protecting wildlife habitat.
  • Disposing of waste properly.
  • Using integrated pest / weed management.
  • Living better within the watershed.
  • Monitoring and controlling invasive species.

Since resources are often affected by activities on adjacent waters and watershed lands, stewardship involves close cooperation with stakeholders outside the reserve. We work closely with nearby oil refineries, shellfish growers, farmers, and local environmental groups to keep the estuary healthy.

Stewardship activities at Padilla Bay