Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication & Health (BEACH)

The BEACH Program monitors the safety of saltwater swimming beaches from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We lead the program jointly with the Washington State Department of Health and work with county and local agencies, tribal nations, and volunteers. A summary of 2023 results by county is available.

Local health departments issue water contact advisories or closures at swimming beaches. The BEACH Program communicates the risk to the public and educates beachgoers on how to avoid getting sick from playing in the water. 

For a larger view of the map, see closures and advisories

Gray dots show that the beach is not currently monitored. Yellow triangles show that caution is advised. Green dots show that a beach is open and sampled weekly. You can also download BEACH data.

Learn more about how and why beaches may be closed and how to help your local marine beach stay swimmable.

Local health departments and others monitor freshwater swimming safety, especially in lakes.

Beach list comment period

We are open for feedback and comments on this year's Draft BEACH monitoring list. Email BEACH Lead Heather Gibbs at with comments or suggestions.