Water supply monitoring

An overhead view of Rich Passage, a tidal strait in the Puget Sound, allowing access to Bremerton, Washington.
We rely on a variety of data sources to evaluate the state's current and future water supply.

Explore some of these sources here.

Rivers and streams are an important part of the state's water supply. These online tools track flow levels:

An all green graphic of a stream flowing in between trees, two on the right and one tree on the left of the stream.


A graphic of a black mountain with two snow covered peaks.
Mountain snow acts like a water supply reservoir as it slowly melts during spring and summer. Find analysis tools, visual information and resources below:

Rain, lowland snow, and other precipitation are important contributors to water supply. Find maps and measurements of this precipitation below:

A blue rain cloud graphic image with four rain lines falling below

Groundwater — water held in aquifers — is critical to the water cycle. Find the assessments of aquifers here:

All red graphic image of water creeping up a shoreline near a house structure