Groundwater quality assessment

Our hydrogeologists monitor water quality and groundwater supplies across the state to help us manage this important resource. We have information on studies that are now active, as well as data and reports from completed studies. We also provide technical resources to learn more about groundwater and wells. Learn what we know about the state of Washington's groundwater resources.

Aquifers recharge rivers and streams during dry summer and fall months and provide drinking water for cities and homes, irrigation water for lawns and crops, and other uses. To better understand and manage groundwater resources, we conduct studies to characterize surface water and groundwater interactions, support groundwater cleanup efforts, and assess potential impacts to groundwater quality from land use practices, among others.

Two scientists stand in a river. One is inserting a pole in the riverbed with a tamping digger.

Our active
groundwater studies

Active groundwater studies describe our current groundwater-focused projects being undertaken by the Environmental Assessment Program.

Groundwater data

The Groundwater data search is part of our Environmental Information Management system. It contains groundwater information and monitoring data collected by our scientists and affiliates, such as local governments and cleanup-site managers.

Groundwater publications

Finding groundwater publications gives instructions for how to search and download documents from our state groundwater report collection.

Standard Operating Procedures for groundwater monitoring describe the field methods we use during our groundwater studies. See Quality Assurance for more information.

Groundwater technical resources

Groundwater resources is a page with links to publications and resources related to groundwater and hydrogeology in Washington state.