Flood control assistance account program (FCAAP)

The Washington Legislature established the Flood Control Assistance Account Program (FCAAP) to assist local jurisdictions with comprehensive floodplain management planning and implementing actions to mitigate flood hazards. Funding is determined every biennium by the state Legislature.

Eligible projects include:

  • Comprehensive flood hazard management plans.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Match for federal projects.
  • Flood control maintenance projects.
  • Emergency projects.

Funding cycle

  • Amount of funding available: Approximately $1.5 to $2.3 million for planning projects and $150,000 for emergency flood response projects.
  • Funding allocated:
  • Grant award limit: There is a $500,000 limit per county; however, to fund multiple flood planning projects, we anticipate a maximum of $300,000 per grant.
  • Amount of matching funds required: 25% for planning projects and 20% for emergency flood response projects.

Applications are not being accepted at this time.

Planning project applications now being accepted.

Start date: Aug 3, 2021
End date: Sep 30, 2021

The application period for the 2023-25 competitive planning projects will be open Feb. 15-March 30, 2023.

We didn't have funding to support flood risk reduction planning activities for over 12 years. In 2021, we were able to again provide FCAAP grants to support this statewide planning need. To help us understand the status of need and how we can best serve communities, please complete our flood hazard management interest survey. This will take only three to five minutes.

Emergency project applications are not being accepted.

Emergency project funding is fully allocated for the 2021-23 biennium. Applications for noncompetitive 2023-25 emergency projects will be accepted beginning July 1, 2023, on a case-by-case basis and until all funds have been awarded. 

For more information, see the 2023-25 Funding Guidelines, Application Instructions, Application Prep Tool, Application Workshop Presentation Slides, and other guidance documents below. 

Funding is available for the following entities:

Eligible competitive planning project applicants: Cities, towns, counties, federally recognized Tribes, conservation districts, and special purpose districts, such as flood control districts.

  • Flood planning projects in underserved communities will be given priority funding.

Eligible emergency project applicants: Cities, towns, counties, conservation districts, and special purpose districts, such as flood control districts.

Flood planning projects in underserved communities will be given priority funding.

Eligible flood planning projects include:

  • Developing and writing or updating Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plans (CFHMPs). CFHMPs must be consistent with state regulations (Chapter 173-145 WAC).
  • Feasibility studies; community outreach and stakeholder engagement efforts; mapping projects, including Channel Migration Zone delineations; and other activities that support updates to CFHMPs.
  • Match for federal projects that lead to CFHMPs. For example, federal General Investigations.

Eligible emergency projects include:

  • Emergency flood response and recovery work.

More information about this funding program

2021-23 Flood Control Assistance Account Program grants

The Legislature approved $1.5 million to fund FCAAP Planning projects for the 2021-23 biennium. We worked closely with our partners, including the Nature Conservancy, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, and Puget Sound Partnership, to help evaluate and rank the projects.

2021-23 funded planning projects



Grant Amount (including match)

Chelan Co. - Public Works Dept.

No. 2 Canyon Mitigation Strategy

Evaluate the drainage system of the No. 2 Canyon basin. Help determine locations of future flood mitigation projects in Chelan County.


Cowlitz Co. Dept. of Building and Planning

Cowlitz County 2033 CFHMP

Complete a 2023-33 Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan with actionable floodplain management strategies for areas with flood risk throughout Cowlitz County.


Jefferson Co. Community Development

Comprehensive Drainage Plan for Hood Canal

Complete a Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan for the lower reaches of the Big and Little Quilcene rivers. Complete a feasibility assessment to determine options to relocate residents living in high-risk flood hazard areas of the Dosewallips and Duckabush rivers.


King Co. - Water and Land Resources Division

Equity Across King County Flood Hazard Areas

Implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion update to the King County Flood Hazard Management Plan by developing and implementing a Flood Plan Update Community Engagement Guide. 


Kittitas Co.- Public Works Dept.

Yakima River Easton Reach Flood Hazard Plan

Collect necessary data, conduct a flood hazard analysis, and engage the local community to develop a reach-level plan informed by natural processes. 


Mason Conservation District

Skokomish River Community-Supported Flood Improvement Objectives

Collect information about flood risk and create an updated hydraulic model providing measured and anticipated changes to flood risk in response to restoration projects in the Skokomish River Valley.


Snohomish Co. Conservation Natural Resources Dept.

Snohomish and Stillaguamish Vulnerability Assessment

Conduct a vulnerability assessment of flood hazard and climate change for the Snohomish and Stillaguamish rivers/estuaries. Identify and engage overburdened communities to create a new Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan (CFHMP) and update the existing Stillaguamish Watershed CFHMP.


Wahkiakum Co. - Public Works

Wahkiakum County CFHMP Update

Update Wahkiakum County’s CFHMP and associated ordinances. Identify recommended actions and activities to reduce flood risk, improve watershed health, and improve habitat for salmonids and other species.


Yakima Co. - Public Services Dept.

Naches River Mapping Update

Support an update for the Naches River. 



2021-23 funded emergency projects

Recipient Project Grant Amount (including match)
City of Centralia

Flood Preparedness Project

Purchase pumps, additional barricades, and signage for use during flood events. Help the city prepare for future flood events.

City of Chehalis

Flood Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Purchase emergency notification signs and signals for use during flood events. Help the city prepare for future flood events.

Hopkins Drainage Ditch District #2 

Hopkins Ditch – Tilley Road Culvert Replacement and Cleanout of Restrictions

Replace an existing undersized culvert with a larger culvert and widen a drainage ditch that has an existing flow restriction. Help reduce/prevent future flooding from affecting landowners and surrounding areas by accommodating increased flow.

Thurston Co. Emergency Management

January 2022 Thurston County Flood Response

Coordinate and execute response to severe flooding along the Chehalis, Black, and Skookumchuck rivers from the January 2022 flood event.