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Burn ban information

Air quality burn bans are called by Ecology, local clean air agencies, and tribes to protect public health. They can limit your use of wood stoves and outdoor burning and typically occur during the winter when wood smoke pollution reaches unhealthy levels. We call air quality burn bans only in areas of the state with no local clean air agency.

Fire safety burn bans are called by the Department of Natural Resources, tribes, and local fire districts when wildfire danger is high.

A campfire overlooking water at night.

There are no current air quality burn bans in counties regulated by Ecology.

Ways to determine if there is a burn ban in your area

Depending on where you live, different agencies are in charge of calling air quality and fire safety burn bans. There are multiple ways to determine who calls, and if there is, a burn ban where you live. 

  1. Check the WA Burn Bans website for air quality and fire safety burn bans, by county, for the entire state.
  2. Air quality burn bans come in two stages.
  3. You can find more fire safety burn ban information further down on this page.
  4. If you live in an urban growth area, you may not be allowed be to have outdoor fires. Visit our outdoor burning webpage for more information.

Who calls air quality burn bans in your area?

Click on map to find your local clean air agency.

Air quality burn bans

An air quality burn bans has two stages: 

  • Stage 1: No use of uncertified wood stoves or fireplaces, outdoor burning, agricultural, and forest burning when air pollution approaches unhealthy levels. 
  • Stage 2: No burning indoors or outdoors when air pollution reaches an even higher unhealthy level.

Burn bans do not apply to homes with no other source of heat. 

Fire safety burn bans

Fire safety burn bans
Dept. of Natural Resources: 
  • Regulates burning on state lands.
  • Restricts outdoor burning, such as campfires and debris burning.
  • Check for fire safety burn ban on state lands.
Local fire districts:


Report illegal burning

Using a burn barrel is illegal. Burning in an urban growth area is also illegal. If you see illegal burning, please report it. 

Laws and rules about burning