Agricultural burning & permitting

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Agricultural burn permits now available online

Starting August 2023, you can submit a burn permit application online.

Find out how to get an agricultural burn permit online.

We issue permits for commercial agricultural burning. We also make daily burn decisions to help reduce the health effects from smoke. Check current air quality conditions(map).

Agricultural burning can be an important part of your business. We want to help you do it safely and legally.

Daily agricultural burn decision

Smoke from a permitted burn rises out of the area and does not impact neighbors.

If you have an agricultural burn permit, you must check the daily burn decision before burning. We review current and forecasted air quality conditions to decide whether burning will be allowed in each county and zone for the day.

Agricultural burn permit information

This is information for people who are applying for an agricultural burn permit.

Agricultural burn permit applications

There are five types of agricultural burn permits. Each has its own application with instructions about how to get a permit.