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Let it snow!

More than half of the state's water supply starts out as snowpack, which is why it's important to keep an eye on it—not just for ski conditions, but as part of drought monitoring.

Looking upriver: What's next for the Walla Walla watershed?
In October, stakeholders from Washington and Oregon will refocus and build on the Walla Walla Watershed Management Partnership to create a long-term water strategy.
Wait, how can there be a drought when it’s raining?
Residents of Spokane and the southeast experienced a relatively damp spring, while much of Western and Central Washington have seen warmer than normal temperatures and low precipitation since April.
Watching the water

The water supply forecast continues to deteriorate across the state on both sides of the Cascade Range, and drought is being felt particularly on the Olympic Peninsula.

Olympic Peninsula classified as being in severe drought by federal drought monitor

In response to current conditions, some communities and water systems on the peninsula have already begun anticipating low water supply.

Water curtailments for the Chehalis River basin

This is the fifth consecutive year we've issued curtailment orders or notices for junior surface water irrigation uses in the Chehalis basin to comply with regulatory requirements. 

After 40 years, Acquavella adjudication is coming to close

The upcoming May 9, 2019, "‘water day" in Yakima County Superior Court is one we’ve been working toward for more than 40 years.

Water supply issues could be a reality for North-Central Washington

The Methow and Okanogan basins in North-Central Washington near the Canada border are projected to experience some water supply shortages.

Big gains in snowpack, but still below normal

Before the infamous 2019 snowpocalypse hit, some of the state’s water supply experts were experiencing mild heartburn over the outlook of water supply for the year.

Irrigation association honors Columbia River office director

Tom Tebb, director of Ecology's Office of Columbia River, received special recognition during the Washington State Water Resources Association (WSWRA) annual conference.

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