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Celebrating cleanup in Cashmere's Mill District

Cashmere's historic lumber mill district is now ready for redevelopment thanks to cleanup efforts.

Think pink: bloodworms rule the beaches of South Sound
Bloodworms are a type of polychaete, or marine segmented worm, in the family Glyceridae.
Floating the Yakima River with a purpose

Warm water is becoming all too common in the summer months. So much so, that we have teams floating the river to document refuges of cooler water.

Watching the water supply

Months of unusually warm and dry weather continue to put pressure on the state’s rivers and streams.

Puget Sound officially a No Discharge Zone
Creating a No Discharge Zone (NDZ) helps protect shellfish beds, swimming beaches, and other areas that are especially vulnerable.
Ecology researchers study climate effects on Puget Sound food web

Unusual phytoplankton blooms caused by warm ocean water give scientists a glimpse into the future of marine life, from shellfish to whales.

Defending the public's right to comment on Hanford decisions

We will always defend the public's right to provide input on Hanford decisions.

111 Washington wastewater treatment plants win outstanding performance awards

We give awards to wastewater treatment plant operators to celebrate our unsung heroes.

Wildfire smoke triggers report to EPA
In early September, dry conditions caused rapid fire growth, which filled the sky with dense smoke. This was bad news for air quality.
Se prepara un reporte a EPA como resultado del humo de los incendios forestales

In 2017, WA and the northern part of CA, OR, ID, MT were overwhelmed by smoke caused by forest fires.

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