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Lots of thoughtful feedback received as we update the CAFO permit
We appreciate that so many citizens, producers, groups and organizations took their time to give us thoughtful comments on the permit we're updating for concentrated animal feeding operations.
Watch your step: there’s not always solid ground beneath you
It's nice to be outside in this lovely fall weather, unless the ground gives out from under you and you find yourself looking up at those blue skies from the bottom of an abandoned water well.
Eyes Over Puget Sound: Finally getting back to normal

Environmental Council of the States presented our marine programs with the Innovations Award for 2015. Learn more in Eyes Over Puget Sound.

Padden Creek's daylighting a big win for fish
The city of Bellingham is finishing up the Padden Creek Daylighting project, a $2.8 million effort that re-routed 2,300 feet of the creek from a brick tunnel into a natural stream channel.
Everett Smelter’s Lowlands area moves two steps closer to cleanup
Ecology has taken key steps towards identifying possible cleanup methods in the industrial east side of the Everett Smelter Site.
Eyes Over Puget Sound: Fall arrives with hordes of jellyfish

Fall 2015 is here, but our September Eyes Over Puget Sound flight showed us that Puget Sound is still at record-high water temperatures. We saw large groups, or "smacks" of jellyfish.

We swim the Duwamish!
The swims are part of a campaign to draw attention to efforts both under way and still needed, to restore and protect the river.
Mercury waning: Online oversight reduces sales of devices containing toxic metal
Mercury is a neurotoxin that Washington banned in 2003. To ensure retailers don't sell mercury-containing items to Washingtonians, our product testing staff buys and tests products for compliance.
Our WCC crews support wildfire response statewide

Raging wildfires across Central and Eastern Washington have kept firefighters busy across the state, including some of our own Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) crews.

Cleaning up: Bacteria to the rescue? A pilot study may tell us

We are overseeing a study by Boeing at its Boeing Auburn site to see if a new process using bacteria could be effective at cleaning up contaminated groundwater

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