Eyes Over Puget Sound: La Niña is here!

November 2016 surface-conditions report: heavy rains swelled Puget Sound rivers and streams to above-normal levels, so water temperatures, salinity, and oxygen improved.

Get winterized with the frost-spot corambe
The frost-spot corambe is a beautiful sea slug with frosty white speckles that seem to glow as if it just swallowed a set of twinkly lights.
Having a bad hair day? The hair worms can relate
The hair worms belong to a family of polychaetes called Cirratulidae, and their tangled hairs are actually branchiae, external gills that occur in pairs along their bodies.
Innovative Water Solutions
The efforts began decades ago. The goal: to meet water needs for families, farms, forests, and fish without fighting.
Money available for forest and farm land improvements in Spokane River watershed
Livestock producers, dry-land farmers, and forestry operations are encouraged to apply for financial and technical assistance to adopt conservation practices to protect and restore their property.
WCC disaster response: Looking back on Louisiana

Five recently-returned Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) AmeriCorps members reflect on their recent disaster response experience in Louisiana.

Reynolds Smelter Cleanup/Millennium Bulk Terminals - Longview Update
There's a lot happening at the former Reynolds smelter site in Cowlitz County's industrial area this autumn.
VIDEO: Finding solutions for the Chehalis basin

Ecology is currently taking comments on our environmental review of solutions proposed for the Chehalis Basin.

Sound-to-table? The sweet potato sea cucumber is a produce impersonator
With its smooth, plump body, this month’s critter bears a resemblance to items you might find in a grocery store. Meet Molpadia intermedia, the Sweet Potato Sea Cucumber.
Review our report on options to help the Chehalis River Basin

As part of a community effort to restore the basin and put it on a path to recovery, we have completed a report for your review and input.

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