The cactus worm is on point and looking sharp
This month’s critter may look like a cross between a worm and a cactus, but it is actually neither.
A foot of water can make or break a King Tide

Help scientists track and document King Tides this year! The King Tides Photo Initiative is aimed at getting people to take and share photographs during unusually high tides.

Beaver reintroduction a watershed success
In the fall of 2014, with the help of staff and volunteers. Kent released three beaver pairs in three separate streams in Black Canyon.
Port Gamble Bay update – by the numbers

Get ready to say goodbye to the final, large sign of the lumbermill and sawmill that operated on Port Gamble Bay for more than 140 years.

King Tides: A glimpse into tomorrow, a photo challenge today
King Tides are the highest tides of the year. In Washington, these usually occur between late October and late January. 
Around the Sound: Changes already obvious during Port Gamble Bay cleanup
Cleanup work in and around Port Gamble Bay didn't start until late September, but already the changes are striking.
Rain barrels: I took the do-it-yourself challenge
You can find rain barrels for sale at garden supply centers, hardware stores and building supply chains, or you can order them online.
Sunrise in Seattle, Sunset in Saipan
Our Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) recently sent ten AmeriCorps members and staff to the Pacific island of Saipan for a 30-day disaster response assignment after Typhoon Soudelor hit in August.
Water conservation activities for kids
Why not make learning about water conservation enjoyable, for you and your family? The web has a wealth of free learning materials for kids of all ages.
Lots of thoughtful feedback received as we update the CAFO permit
We appreciate that so many citizens, producers, groups and organizations took their time to give us thoughtful comments on the permit we're updating for concentrated animal feeding operations.

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