Dangerous waste treatment by generator

Dangerous waste is typically taken to permitted facilities for treatment to make it less hazardous, non-hazardous, or easier or safer to transport. However, under certain conditions, your business may treat your own wastes on site without a dangerous waste treatment permit. This practice is called treatment by generator.

Treatment methods and guidance

Acceptable methods for treating your waste on site include:

While each type of treatment has its own guidelines and limitations, there are some basic conditions you must meet to treat your waste on-site. You must:

  • Treat waste in an accumulation tank or container.
  • Write the date you first add waste on the tank or container and empty it every 90 or 180 days, depending on your generator category.
  • Maintain a log of treatment activity.
  • Count and report the amount of treated waste and any dangerous waste residues resulting from treatment.

Small quantity generators must follow guidance described in our Small Quantity Generators Treating Dangerous Waste publication.