Assessing chemical hazards with the Quick Chemical Assessment Tool (QCAT)

Our Quick Chemical Assessment Tool (QCAT) can help your company identify the hazards associated with the chemicals you use in your products and processes. QCAT helps small and medium-size companies with limited resources or expertise evaluate the hazards of chemical ingredients and compare potential alternatives.

Using this standard approach to weigh these hazards means you can compare potential chemical ingredients against each other on a level playing field. It works well as an introduction to the hazard assessment process, but is not intended to replace more thorough assessment methods like the GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals.

QCAT Version 2.0

We updated QCAT and made extensive changes to make the method easier for small- and medium-size companies to use. Improvements include updating web links, providing additional guidance on specific sources lists, and providing a grading tool and source checklist.

How to get started

  1. Download the QCAT Methodology.
  2. Download the QCAT Blank Report and conduct your assessment.
  3. Use the QCAT Grading Tool to easily grade your QCAT.
  4. Submit your completed worksheet to Topher Buck. After reviewing your QCAT, he will post it to the IC2 Chemical Hazard Assessment Database.

Training and assistance

We periodically offer QCAT training workshops. Our chemists and other specialists can also help you evaluate chemical alternatives with QCAT or other chemical hazard assessment tools. For information on upcoming trainings, contact our Safer Chemicals team or check our training and events.