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Emerging stormwater treatment technologies (TAPE)

Stormwater treatment technologies are reviewed and certified by the Washington state Technology Assessment Protocol - Ecology — better known as the TAPE program.

Submitting treatment technologies for review

Vendors, designers, and manufacturers who wish to have their treatment technologies reviewed should follow these three steps:

1. Follow the TAPE process

Refer to the TAPE process overview for everything you need to know about how we evaluate your technology.

2. Prepare your technology

Refer to the 2011 TAPE guidance manual  as you prepare your technology for review and certification.

3. Send in your application

The application form and fee must be submitted both as a hard copy and digitally to:

Submitting treatment technologies for review
TAPE Program
Washington State Department of Ecology
PO Box 47611
Olympia, WA 98504-7696

Email: douglas.howie@ecy.wa.gov

Evaluating new technologies

We review engineering reports on the performance of new technologies and provide our use-level designations in the approved technologies table.

Board of External Reviewers (BER)

To help us with evaluations, a paid Board of External Reviewers (BER) provides national expertise in stormwater treatment technologies. The BER acts in a direct review capacity to provide us recommendations about each new technology and how well it performs.

Each application to TAPE and C-TAPE will be assigned a minimum of three members from the BER to provide detailed review and comment on the applications, Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs), and Technical Evaluation Reports (TERs).

Performance goals

We evaluate several types of permanent stormwater treatment systems for specific sampling criteria, site and technology information, quality assurance and quality control measures, target pollutants, and evaluation report content.

These types of treatments are intended to achieve:

Pretreatment Construction treatment Basic treatment Enhanced treatment Oil treatment Phosphorus treatment

Use Level Designations (ULDs)


General Use Level Designation (GULD): Technologies whose evaluation report demonstrates confidently it can achieve Ecology's performance goals

GULD technologies may be used in Washington and are subject to Use Level Designation conditions. We will only accept written comments on technologies that have received GULD.


Approved technologies

The following table lists the devices that have received a designation through the TAPE process.

In addition to our certification, local jurisdiction approval is required (and not guaranteed) for installation of treatment technologies we have evaluated and given a use designation.

This table walks viewers through an excel spreadsheet of all the contact information for the approved stormwater technologies certified through the TAPE program.

Functionally equivalent technologies

We have approved the following technologies as functionally equivalent to best management practives (BMPs) included in our stormwater management manuals. These technologies did not pass through TAPE.

Equivalent Technologies