Stormwater particle-size distribution & BMP effectiveness study

This literature review project is being conducted by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) with assistance from Evergreen StormH20. The goals are to gather up-to-date information about the size of particles in stormwater, bound contaminants, and the effectiveness of a range of treatment approaches for those particle sizes.

Study questions

Gather information about the different methods to measure particle-size distribution (PSD) and how do they compare?

  • What is more recently known about characterized sources, and nature of particle sizes and attached pollutants transported in the MS4 or delivered to BMPs?
  • What is the reported effectiveness of concentration or load reduction by stormwater BMPs as a function of PSD?

Study findings

This study is ongoing until November 2023.

Project tasks and deliverables

Scope of work

Task 1:  Project administration and management

Task 2:  Literature search and synthesis

Task 3 Summarize, report, and communicate findings

  • Deliverable 3.1 Report outline
  • Deliverable 3.2 Draft flowcharts
  • Deliverable 3.3 Final flowcharts
  • Deliverable 3.4 Draft white paper
  • Deliverable 3.5 Final white paper
  • Deliverable 3.6 Draft fact sheet
  • Deliverable 3.7 Final fact sheet
  • Deliverable 3.8 Final SAM and local conference presentations