SEPA checklist guidance, Section B: Housing

We provide guidance to help applicants complete the Housing section of the SEPA Section B: Environmental elements checklist.

9. Housing

a. Approximately how many units would be provided, if any?

For residential, mixed use, or industrial developments with onsite worker housing, provide the number of housing units and income level  high, medium, or low.

Additional Resources b. Approximately how many units, if any, would be eliminated?

Describe the number and income category  high, medium, or low for any housing units possibly displaced either directly or indirectly.
c. Proposed measures to reduce or control housing impacts, if any:

Address if there are what adverse impacts that would result from increased or decreased housing units due to the proposal. The applicant should describe whether the impacts would be limited or more severe to a particular socio-economic population. The applicant also should identify proposed mitigation measures to avoid, reduce, or compensate for identified impacts.