SEPA checklist guidance, Section B: Energy & natural resources

We provide guidance to help applicants complete the Energy & natural resources section of the SEPA Section B: Environmental elements checklist.

6. Energy and Natural Resources

a. What kinds of energy will be used to meet the completed project's energy needs?

List the types and quantity of energy resources involved with this proposal, or would result indirectly from this proposal, such as transportation fuel use. Include the estimated energy use in the construction, operation and maintenance as well as demolition phases. If different energy types / sources will be used to address separate uses / needs, identify the type will be used for each use, such as natural gas for heating, cooking, and hot water; and electricity for all other energy needs.
b.  Would your project affect the potential use of solar energy by adjacent properties?

List changes in vegetation cover as a direct or indirect result of the proposal. Identify the potential for this change to increase shade coverage for nearby properties.
c.  What kinds of energy conservation features are included in the plans of this proposal?

Conservation features refer to efficiency opportunities and options available to reduce impacts associated with energy consumption:

  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Choosing materials with lower transportation and other energy costs
  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Design and maintenance measures to reduce product consumption and waste

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