SEPA checklist guidance, Section B: Aesthetics

We provide guidance to help applicants complete the Aesthetics section of the SEPA Section B: Environmental elements checklist.

10. Aesthetics

a. What is the tallest height of any proposed structure(s), not including antennas; what is the principle exterior building material(s) proposed?

The applicant should address building height and exterior material of new structures. This include:

  • Building height. Although antennas are excluded, other appurtenances should be included such as smoke stacks, chimneys, and vents.
  • Exterior material of new structures associated with or will occur as an indirect result of the proposal. Describe materials, color, and total window area.

b. What views in the immediate vicinity would be altered or obstructed?

Describe both scenic and non-scenic views that will change. Answer "none" only if the appearance of the site will remain unchanged.

c. Proposed measures to reduce or control aesthetic impacts, if any:

Mitigation for impacts to aesthetic resources could include the following:

  • Construction and maintenance of berms and / or vegetated buffers
  • Aesthetic design of structures
  • Minimizing view obstructions
  • Preserving character of the area

The "viewshed" is highly valued by persons recreating, traveling, working and / or living in a proposal's area. It is best to consider adverse effects to viewsheds early in the design and approval processes.