SEPA checklist guidance, Section B: Light & glare

We provide guidance to help applicants complete the Light& glare section of the SEPA Section B: Environmental elements checklist.

11. Light and Glare

a. What type of light or glare will the proposal produce? What time of day will it mainly occur?

Describe the types of light and glare the proposal would produce either directly or indirectly. Include the time of day and frequency that each source produces light and/or glare. The following information should be included:

  • Indoor lighting that may be seen through windows.
  • Fixed outdoor lighting such as street lights, signage, and parking lots.
  • Vehicles.
  • Mirrored and un-mirrored glass as well as other reflective surfaces.

b. Could light or glare from the finished project be a safety hazard or interfere with views?

Consider potential safety impacts to motorists, boaters, air traffic, and pedestrians both on and off the site. Identify safety and / or view impacts to nearby residents, area workers, tourists, wildlife, and domestic animals.

c. What existing off-site sources of light or glare may affect your proposal?

  • What are the current conditions surrounding the area regarding light and glare?
  • How will this affect the construction or operation of the project?
  • How will the combined level of light and glare from the proposal and the surrounding area create additional light pollution impacts?