SEPA checklist guidance, Section B: Utilities

We provide guidance to help applicants complete the Utilities section of the SEPA Section B: Environmental elements checklist.

16. Utilities

a. List the utilities currently available at the site: Electricity, natural gas, water, refuse service, telephone, sanitary sewer, septic system, other:

Applicants should include utilities that are accessible at the proposed site and note which services and / or lines will need to be connected or installed to serve the project.

b. Describe the utilities that are proposed for the project, the utility providing the service, and the general construction activities on the site or in the immediate vicinity that might be needed.

Identify all the utilities needed for all phases of the proposal, including the names of the service providers and describe any construction required for access. For example: "The project will be served by natural gas from Johnson Gas Co. which will require a distribution line be installed from Missouri Street and 123rd Ave. N. to the extension of Newton Street and 123rd Ave. N. and from the Newton Street extension to each lot."

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