Types of cleanup opinions we issue

Under the Voluntary Cleanup Program, we provide written opinions on planned and completed independent cleanup actions, including:

  • Remedial investigations of contaminated sites
  • Feasibility studies of cleanup alternatives
  • Property or site cleanups

What is the difference between a property and site cleanup?

Property cleanups include some, but not all, properties located within a contaminated site. Site cleanups include all properties within a contaminated site.

For example, a leaking underground storage tank could cause groundwater contamination to extend to a neighboring property. By law, the cleanup site (also called a "facility") includes everything contaminated by the leaking tank (or any source of contamination), whether it is on or off the tank owner’s property.

How we make cleanup decisions

The type of opinion we will provide on your cleanup depends on the answer to the following questions:

  1. Is the cleanup of a property or the whole site?
  2. Is the cleanup planned or completed?
  3. Is further cleanup necessary?

The flow chart below will help you determine which opinion we will likely issue before you request it. 

FA - further action
NFA - no further action
PS - partial sufficiency

Download a narrative description of the VCP opinion letters flow chart.