Required information for cleanup reports

When requesting written opinions on planned or completed independent cleanup actions under the Voluntary Cleanup Program, please follow these requirements when submitting cleanup plans and reports for our review. This will help avoid delays, as we will return for revision plans or reports that do not meet these requirements.

Report content

Plans and reports must have enough information for us to provide technical assistance or an opinion. The scope and level of detail required depends on site-specific conditions and the complexity of the cleanup.

Please include the information in the following checklists, as applicable:

We encourage, but don’t require, using our Remedial Investigation Report Template. If the report builds on information or data contained in previous reports, please include:

  • A general summary of the site with relevant background information
  • Information from the previous reports, by attaching or specifically referencing it
  • Historic and new data for review in figures and tables

Cover letter

Please include a cover letter describing the plan or report and specifying what you would like from us in response. If your cleanup used a model remedy, identify which one in the cover letter.

Number of copies

Provide an electronic copy and two paper copies of the plan or report. We may request additional paper copies.

Professional certification

Documents submitted containing geologic, hydrologic, or engineering work must be under the seal of a licensed professional. For guidance on what work requires a license, refer to the following:

Submitting data

In addition to including your environmental sampling data as part of your report or plan, please submit it in an electronic format capable of being transferred into our data management systems. For detailed instructions, see data submittal requirements for cleanup sites.