Hazardous waste planning fee

Some businesses that complete a Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan may also be required to pay the Hazardous Waste Planning Fee.

This fee depends on risk factors, minimum and maximum fees, and certain waste streams. A formula in the Hazardous Waste Fee Regulation (WAC 173-305-220) is then used to calculate the final fee. These fees change every year.

Fee for under 4000 pounds generated: $68. Over 4000, your fee is calculated by (DW + TRI + (EHW x 10)) x $0.081588.* Maximum fee is $22,113.

DW = dangerous waste; EHW = extremely hazardous waste; TRI = Toxics Release Inventory

*This is the rate per pound for 2020

What is the Hazardous Waste Planning Fee?

The Hazardous Waste Planning Fee is a fee meant to fund technical assistance and compliance education assistance to hazardous substance users and waste generators in Washington. The fee varies depending on how many pounds of hazardous waste you generate and report on your business’s Dangerous Waste Annual Report and pounds you release and report on your Toxics Release Inventory Report (Form R).

When is the Hazardous Waste Planning Fee due?

Typically, payment is due by July 1, but for 2020 payment is due by September 18.

What if payment is late?

Normally, a 1% interest rate per month may be added to your fee (see RCW 43.17.240). Due to COVID-19, interest for this year may be waived as long as you have an approved agreement on file.

Email Vanessa O’Daniel or call 360-407-6731 to set up this agreement or get more information.

Who pays this fee?

Your business must pay the fee if you:

How are risk factors applied to my fee?

The Hazardous Waste and Toxic Reduction program incorporates a risk factor for specific types of dangerous wastes and TRI releases. Dangerous waste and TRI release pounds that designate as the following are applied different risk factors:

  • State-only Extremely Hazardous Waste (EHW) is multiplied by 10 times the current rate.
  • Both federal dangerous waste and state-only EHW are multiplied by the rate (risk factor of 1).
  • Federal dangerous wastes and TRI releases are multiplied by the rate (risk factor of 1).

Read our new Interim Policy for the Hazardous Waste Planning Fee for more information about these risk factors.

What is the current statewide rate per risk pound?

For 2020, the statewide rate per risk pound is 0.081588. This rate is calculated yearly in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Planning Fee regulation (WAC 173-305-220).

Are there caps to this fee?

Yes. There is a cap on the total revenue collected for this fee. Facilities also don't pay more than that year′s fee cap (maximum fee), which is determined by the Legislature and adjusted by the rate of inflation.

The caps for 2020:

  • $68 cap for facilities if the total dangerous waste (including waste classified as EHW) is between 2,640 and 4,000 pounds.
  • $22,113 cap (maximum fee) on individual facilities or interrelated facilities preparing a single plan.
  • $2,211,240 cap on total program revenues from all facilities. The rate per pound is calculated to make sure this cap isn′t exceeded.

What types of waste are not counted toward my fee?

  • On-site recycled waste
  • Exempt waste
  • Treatment by generator wastes
  • Permit by rule wastes
  • Non-recurrent waste according to the Dangerous Waste Annual Report

Am I eligible for recycling credits?

If a hazardous waste management facility or treatment, storage, disposal, and recycling (TSDR) facility recycles your waste, you may be eligible for recycling credits. This may help reduce your fee.

Can I make an online payment? 

After you receive an invoice in the mail, you have the option to pay online using our EcoEPay site. You will need this invoice number to pay online.