Hazardous waste planning fee

Some businesses that submit Pollution Prevention (P2) Plans may also need to pay the Hazardous Waste Planning Fee. This fee depends on risk factors, minimum and maximum fees, and certain waste streams.

The fees change every year.

2021 Hazardous Waste Planning Fee overview

DW = dangerous waste; EHW = extremely hazardous waste; TRI = Toxics Release Inventory; *This is the rate per pound for 2021
Pounds generated
(DW + EHW)
TRI release
Fee Maximum fee
2,640 - 4,000 N/A $69 $69
4,000 and up 4,000 and up (DW + TRI + (EHW x 10)) x $0.103893* $22,469

What is the Hazardous Waste Planning Fee?

The Hazardous Waste Planning Fee funds technical and compliance education assistance for waste generators in Washington. The fee varies depending on how many pounds of dangerous waste you:

A formula in the Hazardous Waste Fee Regulation (WAC 173-305-220) is then used to calculate the final fee. 

When is the Hazardous Waste Planning Fee due?

Payment is due by July 1. After you receive your invoice by email, you have the option to pay online using EcoEPay.

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