Dangerous waste reports & fees

Businesses may be required to submit certain reports to us. The types of reports and possible fees you may need to pay depends on the:

  • Products used and stored.
  • Wastes generated.
  • Type of work done at your facility.

Types of reports

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Dangerous waste fees

Dangerous waste reports

If you generate dangerous waste, your facility or business may be required to submit a:

Learn more about dangerous waste reporting requirements.

Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act (EPCRA) reports

If your business or facility uses or stores certain types of chemicals over a certain amount, you are required to submit reports such as:

Learn more about EPCRA’s reporting requirements.

Children’s Safe Products Act (CSPA) reports

Children’s product manufacturers must submit reports under CSPA if they:

Learn more about CSPA reporting guidance.

Other environmental reports

Click to view our poster, Common Environmental Reports for Facilities in Washington State. Publication 16-04-003.
Your facility may have to file other environmental reports, such as:

  • Air emissions.
  • Industrial stormwater reports.
  • Wastewater discharge monitoring reports.

Our Common Environmental Reports (poster) explains the most common reports we require and when they are due. You may also read a text-only version.