Dangerous waste annual report

You must submit a dangerous waste annual report if you have an active EPA/State Identification (ID) Number.

Reports are due on March 1. This is a federal requirement. We can't give extensions.

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New regulations, forms, and codes

In October 2020, special requirements for the management of dangerous waste pharmaceuticals (WAC 173-303-555) went into effect.

Items added to the annual report include:

  • New pharmaceutical section. 
  • Used oil addendum (required for used oil processors and re-refiners).
  • Changes to some codes, such as:
    • Source codes
    • Management method codes (updated requirements for H010 and H020)
    • Form codes

Read our Dangerous Waste Annual Reporting Guide for more information.

What is the dangerous waste annual report?

The dangerous waste annual report is a combination of required forms and other documents that summarize your dangerous waste activities in Washington state. To complete your dangerous waste annual report you will need:

  • All Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests for the reporting year
  • Records of dangerous waste quantities generated, accumulated, and managed
  • Waste profiles, if you have them
  • Recycling credit documentation issued by your designated facility if you recycled your waste.
  • Bills of lading for any special waste shipped or state SQG waste received
  • Waste codes

Depending on your generator category and activities, you may be required to provide additional information about dangerous waste management, shipments, and waste received. 

What forms do I have to submit?

Site identification (ID) form

All reporters with an active EPA/State Identification number, regardless of generator category or activities, must submit this form. The Site ID form provides contact information and a summary of waste activities for the reporting year.

Other reporting forms

In addition to the Site ID form, you may also be required to submit one or more of the following forms with your annual report. Review the criteria for each form to determine if you need to submit it.

The OI form provides a list of the generators, transporters, and the designated facility for each shipment of dangerous waste. You can find this information on your manifests.

Do I need to fill out this form?

You must submit the OI form if you:

  • Shipped any waste from your site that was on a Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest.
  • Generated special waste, regardless of generator status.
  • Received waste from off site.
  • Had a planned or unplanned episodic event. 
  • Notified as a large quantity generator (LQG) that receives waste for consolidation.

The GM form describes each waste stream generated and how it was managed. You need your manifests and any other shipping papers to complete this form.

Do I need to fill out this form?

You must submit a GM form if you meet any of the following criteria: 

  • Generated special waste, regardless of generator status
  • Are a medium (MQG) or large quantity generator (LQG).
  • Had a planned or unplanned episodic event
  • Treated your own waste on site
  • Processed a LQG Site Clean Closure
  • Are a LQG that receives waste for consolidation
  • Shipped dangerous waste off site

The WR form describes each waste stream received from off site and how it was managed.  

Do I need to fill out this form?

You must submit a WR form if you are one of the following: 

  • Commercial recycling facility
  • Transfer or storage facility
  • Designated facility (TSD)
  • Large quantity generator (LQG) that receives waste for consolidation

The Used Oil Report Addendum is for used oil processors and re-refiners in Washington. This addendum replaces the old form and is required if you are a processor or re-refiner. 

Do I need to fill out this form?

You must fill out this addendum if you select processor or re-refiner in Section 10c2 of the Site ID Form.

How do I submit my annual report?

You have two options to submit your dangerous waste annual report to us. We encourage all reporters to use the TurboWaste service through SAW. 

Visit our TurboWaste webpage for steps to set up your account.

Has your legal ownership information changed?

If so, you must file your report using the paper forms.

If you cannot use TurboWaste and want to file completely on paper, contact Ecology to request the forms.

Once your report is complete, assemble your forms in the order below:

  1. Site ID Form, required
  2. OI Form(s), if applicable
  3. GM Form(s), if applicable
  4. WR Form(s), if applicable
  5. Addendum(s), if applicable

Do not include manifest copies, recycling sheets, or year-end summaries; they are for your use only. 

We only accept forms with wet ink signatures.

Can I submit my report and withdraw at the same time?

Yes. Details regarding withdrawing your site can be found on our notifications page.