Recycling credits

Recycling credits are the percentage of a recurrent waste reclaimed in an off-site recycling process performed by a Treatment Storage and Disposal and Recycling (TSDR) facility. Recycling credits reduce the amount of your waste that we use to calculate whether you must prepare a Pollution Prevention Plan and/or pay a Hazardous Waste Planning Fee.

What’s new?

If you report either of these management method codes, you must enter a recycling percentage: 

  • H010: Metals recovery, including retorting, smelting, chemical, etc.
  • H020: Solvents recovery (distillation, extraction, etc.)

Who qualifies for recycling credits?

Generators qualify for recycling credits if they:

  • Generate 2,640 pounds or more of recurrent waste.
  • Send all or part of this waste off site to a TSDR facility for recycling.

How do I know if recycling credits apply?

Only certain types of management method codes qualify. The qualifying management types are:

  • H010 — Metals recovery, including retorting, smelting, chemical, etc.
  • H020 — Solvents recovery
  • H039 — Other recovery or reclamation for reuse including acid regeneration, organics recovery, etc.
  • H141 — Stored, bulked, and transferred the waste with no treatment or recovery (H010-H129), fuel blending (H061), or disposal (H131-H135) at that receiving site

How do I obtain the recycling credit?

You must contact your TSDR facility to find out what percentage of your waste stream was recycled. If a percentage of your waste stream was recycled, then you must request written documentation confirming the recycling percentage for that waste stream.

The documentation must:

  • Identify the waste stream recycled (by waste description and waste form).
  • List the management method code indicating the type of management the waste received.
  • List percentage recycled during the reporting year.
  • Have a signature from an authorized representative of the TSDR facility with the date the documentation was provided to you.

Do I report recycling credits?

Yes. Recycling credits are entered in Section B3 of the Generation and Management (GM) Form of the Dangerous Waste Annual Report.