Litter prevention

We work with partners across the state to promote litter prevention and secure vehicle loads for safer, cleaner highways and public areas. We're launching a new statewide litter prevention campaign in late May 2021!

Washington's last litter prevention campaign ended in 2009 due to budget cuts. Since then, the litter problem has grown. We can't address the litter problem through pickup efforts alone. Litter prevention has been a missing piece for nearly 12 years and our roads reflect that. Funding was recently restored and we're hard at work designing a new campaign.

We'll launch a new statewide litter prevention campaign in spring 2021. Its initial focus will be on unsecured vehicle loads. In addition to statewide advertising, we're planning a pilot program in four counties and partnering with the Washington State Patrol to provide emphasis patrols for littering and unsecured vehicle loads. We're also collaborating with the Washington Department of Transportation to put related messages on their electronic highways signs.