Litter in Washington

As the state’s lead agency managing litter programs, we operate youth and adult litter pickup crews and provide funding for litter pickup and prevention to state and local governments. We also oversee the state's litter prevention campaigns.

Litter prevention

Our research shows that 75% of Washingtonians don't litter, but the actions of those who do result in expensive cleanups, dangerous road conditions, loss of community pride and tourism, and big environmental impacts.

We work with consultants and stakeholders to create comprehensive litter prevention campaigns and interventions to help change littering behaviors.

Washington's litter programs

We lead a partnership of state, county, and local agencies to keep Washington’s roads and highways clean, pick up illegal dumps, and prevent people from littering in the first place. In 2023, we funded programs that picked up over 5.6 million pounds of litter and cleaned more than 20,800 miles of road, statewide.