Solid waste

Waste management in Washington relies on a working partnership between state and local governments and private-sector businesses. County governments and local health departments develop solid waste regulations and management plans, while our Solid Waste Management program supports these local governments with technical assistance and guidance. 


Many types of facilities are required to get solid waste permits in Washington. We write minimum standards for solid waste handling, but local jurisdictional health departments are charged with oversight of solid waste facilities and may adopt more stringent standards than those we set.

Certifications and registration

We certify operators and inspectors for solid waste incinerators and landfill facilities. We also register transporters of recyclable materials.


Washington state develops a plan, known as the State Solid and Hazardous Waste Plan, to provide direction for residents, businesses, and governments to more wisely manage materials. Local governments are also required to develop comprehensive solid-waste-management plans. These plans serve as a guiding document for local governments' solid waste programs.

Financial assistance programs

We oversee a number of grant and assistance programs designed to help local governments manage waste or to help local communities stay informed and engaged in waste management and cleanup activities. 

Solid waste and recycling data

We collect a variety of data on disposal and recycling to help guide efforts to reduce waste where possible and better manage the waste that remains.