Washington Coastal Zone Management program announcements

There are a number of opportunities for interested parties to provide feedback and help shape the activities of the Washington Coastal Zone Management Program. We encourage public participation, coordination, and collaboration to better manage coastal areas.

Changes to the program and policies

States with Coastal Zone Management Programs, such as Washington, must submit updates to their enforceable policies to the federal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Coastal Zone Management Program changes can include minor, non-substantial changes as well as significant changes to a program's structure, management, or rules. Most changes to Washington’s Coastal Zone Management Program have been minor, non-substantial updates.
We've submitted changes to our Coastal Zone Management Program since 1986 and continue to make changes as laws and regulations are amended. As we submit program changes, we issue public notices and provide information to interested parties.

Federal consistency

The federal Coastal Zone Management Act authorizes states with approved Coastal Zone Management Programs to review the following actions:

  • Federal agency activities, including issuance of federal funding that may affect the state’s coastal uses or resources.

  • Activities and projects that require a federal permit.

The state reviews these federal actions to determine if they are consistent with the enforceable policies of Washington’s Coastal Zone Management Program. The federal consistency review process enhances coordination and cooperation between the state, federal agencies, and applicants for federal licenses and permits. 

The state review process for these federal actions is known as federal consistency and serves as a powerful tool to manage coastal activities and resources, and enables coordination and cooperation with federal agencies.

We and the federal agency issuing a permit or license often issue joint public notices. In other instances, we may issue a separate public notice for a project proposal. Each notice includes a public comment period during which the public, local and tribal governments, state and federal agencies, and other interested parties can submit comments on a draft project.

Comments can be submitted by mail or email and will be made part of the official record.

Program evaluation and strategic planning

We periodically conduct performance evaluations of Washington’s Coastal Zone Management Program and undertake strategic planning to develop improvement strategies. A critical component to this process is participation and feedback from the various interests and partners in Washington.

  • There are no announcements at this time.