Around the Sound: Moving ahead in Port Gamble

Black and white photo of mill with logs in foreground and building with smoke billowing in background.

The Pope & Talbot mill in 1940.

We're getting ready to launch a major cleanup in Port Gamble Bay in the coming weeks and months.

The bay is a high priority under the Puget Sound Initiative. We and various partners are already doing restoration and preservation work in and around the bay, so this cleanup project is the next step.

Black and white aerial view of mill on peninsula, surrounded by water, trees and mountains in background.

The mill site in an old aerial view ...

Historical activities at the former Pope & Talbot mill site released contamination and wood waste on land and in the water. The mill operated for more than 140 years before closing in 1995. Since then, the site has been used for various activities.

The cleanup work will be the topic of a public meeting on May 27 at the Hood Canal Pavilion, 4740 NE View Drive, in Port Gamble. An open house will begin at 4:30 p.m., followed by a presentation and discussion that will start at 6 p.m.
Color aerial image of former mill site peninsula surrounded by water.

... and in a more recent photo after the mill was removed.

Come join us!