Setting the record straight on ocean acidification

The Washington Policy Center got the facts wrong, as did media outlets that repeated the story. We do not disagree with Gov. Jay Inslee on ocean acidification.

We have reason to be concerned. Washington waters are particularly susceptible to ocean acidification and our shellfish are vulnerable.

The science is complex. It takes many partners with expertise in multiple disciplines to address the issue adequately.
As the state’s water quality lead, we support continued research and monitoring to help determine effective actions to address ocean acidification in Washington.
The Marine Resources Advisory Council, Washington Ocean Acidification Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Ecology, and many others are addressing this global issue.
Several resources are available to help people better understand the impacts of ocean acidification:
As Director Maia Bellon said in her blog, ocean acidification is real, and we support Gov. Inslee’s efforts to protect Washington waters. We support further investment in research and monitoring to fully understand the sources, causes, and impacts in different aquatic environments.